Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much space is needed?

A. Each glampsite is approximately 75” long and 55” wide. We can configure the tents in various ways in our best attempt to accommodate your space. For bell tent rentals, a flat grassy space about 25' in diameter is required. Please measure your space before booking!

*** If you do not have the space (or desire) to host in your home, we highly recommend contacting Liz at Ketcha Outdoors.

A beautiful and spacious venue located in Scarborough, Ketcha Outdoors has graciously agreed to rent their event space for our overnight glamping parties.

Q. How are materials cleaned between parties?

A. All bedding and soft materials are laundered after each party with hypoallergenic detergent, and all hard surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. Additionally, all mattresses are covered with a washable protective cover to make sanitization even easier. After the cleaning and disinfection process, materials are not rented out again within the same week.

Q. What bedding is provided?

A. We provide all mattresses, sheets, and twin fleece blankets for each tent. For extra comfort we recommend that all guests provide their own pillows for sleeping.

Q. Are guests allowed to eat in the glampsites?

A. We allow non-staining snacks and liquids, but we recommend refraining from any food or drinks that will stain or cause damage, as you are responsible for any damages/replacements.

Q. What time do you deliver/pickup?

A. We will contact you the week of your party to schedule a time window for delivery and setup. All pickups will be done between 10a and 12p the day after your sleepover, unless another time is negotiated.

Q. Do you charge for damages?

A. As the customer, you are responsible for any cleaning/replacement fees for damages that occur during the rental period. We ask all of our customers to inspect your party sites after setup for any signs of damage before your party, and in the event that any equipment needs to be replaced, please contact us immediately. If damages are found after we pick up the rental items, you may be charged for the cost of replacement.

Q. How far away do you deliver?

A. Primarily, we deliver to York and Cumberland counties, and there is no charge for deliveries within 25 miles of Saco. Bookings beyond a distance of 25 miles from Saco are assessed a fee of $0.70 per mile, each way.

Q. What if it rains?

Our bell tent is completely waterproof, but if you want to transfer your reservation to another date we will make our absolute best effort to accommodate you. We do not offer refunds based upon weather.